Palmerston North Attractions

Explore the top free and paid attractions in Palmerston North from the New Zealand Rugby Museum to Owlcatraz!

Top attractions to explore in Palmerston North:

1. New Zealand Rugby Museum
Learn about the history of one of the nation’s favourite sports.  There is a collection of over 37,000 rugby items from uniforms to photographs that date back to the 1800s.  Discover the history of some of rugby’s legendary players and even have a go and practice your rugby skills at the museum.  The tour is great for families and rugby fanatics alike to learn about the history and heritage of rugby.  

2. Palmerston North Clock Tower
The clock tower was built in the 1950s and is located in the centre of the North City Square.  Donated by Arthur Hopwood, the original height of the tower was 26.5 metres.  Additional refurbishments were completed in 2007 and the addition of a cross to the top added extra height to the tower and it now stands at 30.5 metres.  Some of the best views of the tower are at night when it is illuminated with a light display by a range of colours.  

3. Te Manawa
The exhibitions featured at the Te Manawa Museum contain a mix of art, science and history.  The museum houses a collection of about 55,000 items to display the region’s heritage, history and culture.  Events are regularly hosted at the museum from art classes to talks with artists and their exhibitions hosted in the museum.  Admission is free and tours can be arranged for groups.  

4. Owlcatraz
Meet some of New Zealand’s native birds at the wildlife park.  The native owl at Owlcatraz is the morepork and the birds are in a free environment with no cages or glass for you to see and encounter the birds in the bush area.  Owlcatraz also features weka, Wairuru Caves, Shannon Jail, Lake Owlsmere and farm for you to explore. 

5. Colyton Clocks
An impressive collection of over 3,000 time pieces fills the museum.  The owner, Bill Williams, has been collecting clocks since 1988 and has a range of clocks from grandfather clocks to antique Victorian clocks.  Entry to the museum is $3 to explore the largest collection of time pieces in the Southern Hemisphere.