How to spend your summer in Kaikoura

Whatever your age or holiday plans, Kaikoura is the perfect destination. Find out more ways to soak up summer in Kaikoura.

Kaikoura has plenty to offer year round but summer is a fantastic time to visit the area. Long days and beautiful beaches provide the perfect opportunity for adults and kids alike to make the most of the summer holidays.

For the Kids

Summer in Kaikoura is a great chance for kids to safely soak up the sunshine before they have to go back to school. The shallows of the beaches make for some exciting snorkelling and there are endless rock pools for kids to investigate. Parents can take the opportunity to relax on the beach or do some discovering of their own as there is no age limit on fossicking in the rock pools. For something a little different, Kaikoura also has one of the best natural observatories and the night sky tours are a treat for all ages.

For Relaxation

If you’re looking to take a break and unwind Kaikoura is also the perfect place for relaxing. Your holiday doesn’t have to be action packed to be memorable. Grab a seat on one of the cruises and check out the marine life or hire a fishing rod and catch your own dinner. Kaikoura is also home to a golf course with some of the country’s most spectacular views so you can have a round of golf while at the same time enjoying a stunning combination of alpine and coastal views.

For the Adventurer

If relaxation is not your style of holiday then there is plenty to do for those who can’t sit still. Discover Kaikoura by bike, foot, horseback or even spend your holiday in the water. Take an early morning swim with the dolphins and get a front seat to a Kaikoura sunrise; or if surfing and diving are more your style then bring your board and gear or just hire them when you arrive.

For the Food Connoisseur

There are plenty of ways to enjoy a meal in Kaikoura, particularly for seafood lovers. For those who want to make the most of the sunshine you can catch your own dinner or buy some fresh seafood to BBQ on the beach. If you don’t want to spend your time cooking then you can dine out at one of the number of restaurants and cafes in the area or even buy some fresh fish and chips

Whatever your idea of a holiday involves – do it in Kaikoura. For more on events and activities in Kaikoura visit the Whale Watch Kaikoura website.