Wild Horses on 90 Mile Beach

The natural beauty of 90 mile beach in New Zealand's far north extends beyond scenery to the existence of wild horses roaming the coastline

If you are lucky enough to see wild horses roaming the sand dunes of 90 mile beach you'll never forget just how raw and beautiful this coast line truly is.

We often see herds that live around the Aupouri Pine Forest from our scenic flights and on this occasion 2 of our customers in our helicopter were treated to a close up view from the air of these horses running wild and free along the beach. It's estimated that the herd consists of over 300 horses so it's not uncommon to spot one if you're in the right place at the right time.

These horses have been living there for about 50 years. Human hands have never touched most of them. Originally the horses escaped from farmers paddocks, but have since bred amongst themselves to form their own individual breed.

Apart from the wild horses the entire region of Aupouri Peninsula heading up to Cape Reinga is a remote and beautiful area and simply quite stunning to view it all from the air.

Due to the remoteness, much of the coastline - particularly on the east coast, is inaccessbile by road. For this reason we recommend our Cape Reinga Fly/Drive Tour  which will allow you to view it all easily without a long road trip and our pilots give a detailed commentary of the area as you fly over it. It takes about 4.5 hours with flights and land tour in Cape Reinga area included. And....if you're lucky you too will spot these horses roaming the coast when you fly over!